Cheats game Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Please enter these following passwords in Pro Evolution 2013 main menu to get these following teams from Inazuma Eleven and Galactik Football.
PasswordWhat it does
raimonRaimon (Inazuma Eleven Strikers)
raimongoRaimon (Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013)
teikokuRoyal Academy (Inazuma Eleven Strikers)
zeroTeam Zero (Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013)
aliusAlius Academy (Inazuma Eleven Strikers)
chaosChaos (Inazuma Eleven Strikers)
raimon2Raimon II (Inazuma Eleven Strikers)
ogreTeam Ogre (Inazuma Eleven Strikers)
snowkidsSnow Kids (Galactik Football)
inazumaInazuma Japan (Inazuma Eleven Strikers)
inazumagoInazuma Japan (Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013)
neoNeo Japan (Inazuma Eleven Strikers)
darkemperorsDark Emperors (Inazuma Eleven Strikers)
teamparadisiaTeam Paradisia (Galactik Football)
theshadowsThe Shadows (Galactik Football)
paraallstarsParadisian All-Stars (Galactik Football)
piratesThe Pirates (Galactik Football)
redtigersRed Tigers (Galactik Football)
allstarsThe All-Stars (Galactik Football)
lightningsThe Lightnings (Galactik Football)
elektrasElektras (Galactik Football)
akilliansThe Akillians (Galactik Football)
cyclopsThe Cyclops (Galactik Football)
girassThe Girass (Galactik Football)
jivasThe Jivas (Galactik Football)
pullsaursThe Pullsaurs (Galactik Football)
rykersThe Rykers (Galactik Football)
sandmansThe Sandmans (Galactik Football)
menorThe Sandmen of Menor (Galactik Football)
wambasThe Wambas (Galactik Football)
xenonsThe Xenons (Galactik Football)

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